The Sputniks have landed...

The Russian Sputnik sidecar is now available at ‘The Warkshop’. Heavy duty, all steel construction with a roomy interior. These units fall under the "basic equipment" description. You cannot compare the finish or detailing with that of a $3500 to $7000 sidecar, but you already knew there was no free lunch, right? They will do the job and give you great value for your dollar. Like Henry Ford said of his model T "you can have any color as long as its black"! This hack is a good match for a wide range of bikes, but please don’t try to hook it to a mega-ton touring bike ( 6 cylinder Honda’s or giant Harley FLwhatevers for example), bad idea! Older 4 cylinder Gold Wings for instance are about as big a bike as would be prudent.

Tech info:

  • 18 inch wheel, with fat spokes, and a fat axle
  • Weight 235 pounds
  • Acceptable load 205 pounds
  • Equals total GVW 440 pounds
  • Length 6 foot 3 inches
  • Width 3 foot 7 inches
  • Ground clearance 7 1/2 inches
  • Leg room 47 inches ( seat back to foot rest )
  • Hip room 22.5 inches, seat is 17 inches but body bulges in this area.
  • Wheel Brake, Yes !
  • Tail light and running lights

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